MMO Addons

  • Motif Ready Rift

    This let's you know to recast Motifs.

    You turn it on with /mon and off with /moff

    There is no checking for role yet, so you have to turn it on yourself, default off.... More Info

  • GuildGui1b Allods Online

    "GuildGui1b" is an alternative to built-in Guild & Friends window. It is MUCH more advanced. For example, it shows Zones, where your Guild members and Friends are currently located. ... More Info

  • Imhothar's bags Rift

    Imhothar's Bags is there to ease the management of your items accross multiple characters and adds some little "extras" to your UI. Due to current API limitations it does not do what it... More Info

  • yGather Gatherers Map Runes of Magic

    yGather - Gatherers Map is a resource stack mapper. It records resource stack locations as you walk by and shows them on the worldmap.Like with any other addon unzip in your RunesOfMagic program f... More Info

  • AutoSellGreyAddon Allods Online

    Automatically sells all gray-quality items from inventory to vendors. It occurs instantly on opening the vendor's trade window :) Must-have for everyone :) Works in EU/US game versions. ... More Info

About MMO Addons

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