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Aion Online King's Damage Meter Addon


KDM is an open source damage meter for Aion Online. It parses the chat log created by the game client when logging is enabled and translates the damage done by you and those around you into a readable format. KDM will not help you cheat. KDM does not interact with the client nor does it read the client's memory. It will not alert you to events that occur in game or automate game play. KDM does not contain networking code and will never attempt to make a connection to the internet.

KDM is written in C# and WPF and requires the .Net framework version 3.5 SP1
Get it here: .Net Framework 3.5 SP1

  • Track your damage per second, experience, kinah and your biggest hit!
  • Easy to use, organized interface.
  • Keeps track of players who join or leave your group.
  • Sortable player list and multiple views for damage, dps, kinah, experience and abyss points.
  • Manage players by flagging them friends and group members or easily remove and ignore them.
  • Copy and paste a single player or copy all players into a macro format for group chat.
  • See a breakdown of each player's skills and how much damage they contribute.