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Allods Online AO Chat extension Addon


1. To install, unzip into "gpotato > allods online > data > mods > addons"

2. If there is no addon folder inside your "mods" folder, make one and unzip it inside of that.

3. When you first boot the game before you login, you will see an icon at the bottom right that looks like two gears, make sure to click it, and it will turn yellow enabling addon support.

4. If you are still confused, here is a great guide from the US forum:


1. Addon Manager
2. AO Chat Extension - allows extra options when you click on someones name in chat bot (add to party, inspect, etc.)
3. Auto Delete Mail
4. Auto Resurrect
5. Auto Set Group Loot
6. Bag Space - shows you how much room is left in your bag
7. Chat Log - keeps a log of chat inside Mods > logs folder
8. Combat Text mod - changes combat text display
9. Custom Zone Announce - Displays zone announcements
10. Dark DPS Meter - Damage meter for Allods
11. Guild GUI - Must have for all guildies; adds guid interface with advanced options
12. Health Database - displays accurate mob/player level and health information
13. Heart Stone - Adds hearth stone icon with timer to bottom of screen
14. Honor Info - places a small window below players portraits that displays combat glory info
15. Inspect Stats - Shows players stats while inspecting
16. Minimap - Map instead of compass
17. No Errors - Removes "not enough mana/energy" messages
18. Panelocker - adds button to lock all panels so you dont accidently drag your skills out
19. Show enemy level - displays enemy player levels
20. Show me Price - Shows auction house prices
21. Spam Protect - When gold spammers talk in city, adds option to auto block them.


1. Combat Text

The sword at the bottom of the screen is for the combat text mod. If you open it, it will display a menu where you can turn off/on specific text.

Red Out = Damage Done

Red In = Damage Received

Blue Out = Healing Done

Blue In = Healing Received

Kitty Cat = Pet Damage Done

Eyeball = Spell Names (not visibility of whole)

Purple In = Mana Received Wise

Sage = Healer/HealTarget Names

Text = Text Size (off=25/on=20)

2. Chat Log

The chat log is kept only from the time you install the addon, and will only log chat from that time forward.

Log is kept in "Gpotato > Allods Online > Personal > Logs >