MMO Addons

Allods Online PhanTime Addon


Adds the standard CLOCK, as well as TIMER into the game interface.
If you want this addon to show not Server time, but your Local time, then set the offset to your time zone in ScriptPhanTime.lua file (see TimeZoneOffset variable).

IMPORTANT: The clock is NOT STARTING to tick in current EU/US game versions (1.1.02.*). This is not our fault, this is a bug in AO client. All chat messages arrive WITHOUT timestamps, and you can see that you currently don't have timestamps in Chat window, even if you have enabled timestamps in its configuration. :(

Regardless of whether this disappointing bug will be fixed in the next major patch (1.1.03), this addon WILL start working in any case, it is guaranteed, because starting from AO 1.1.03, this addon relies on a new function to get current server time :)