MMO Addons

Lord of The Rings Online TonicBars Addon


The concept is a Bar (quickbar) manager. It will allow you to create Bars and manage different attributes for them. Things that range from the visibility of the Bar, is it a Combat bar, where the bar is positioned, how many quickslots are on a bar, how many Columns the bar should have, and more.

How To Use:

When you first load up TonicBar you’ll get an icon that resembles an Goblet with a green ozing luqid that appears in the upper left of the screen. You can freely move that anywhere you want. When you click it, the MainMenu screen will be displayed. Once displayed, you can Add Standard quickslot bars, Add Extension Bars (bars that are only displayed when you mouse over their connecting quickslot), modify generic options such as coping Bars from another character on the same server, and more.

Once you have added a bar, and the MainMenu is currently visible, you can move that bar anywhere you want using the Tab that is sticking out over top the bar. This Tab is green and easily identifiable.

From here, you can layout your bars and use the MainMenu to setup the bar settings, such as, is the bar LOCKED, how many quickslots, how many columns, is it a combat bar, show when ALT is pressed or Control or Shift, Opacity, etc.

Once you Close that MainMenu it locks down the bars. They can not be moved, pressed, etc. You can still add skills to it, but the bar can’t be moved. Opening up the MainMenu again will allow you to configure their locations.

Adding extension bars can greatly unclutter your interface. Use these bars to hide hunters/wardens ports, stances, horses, pets, and more.