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Warhammer Online NerfedButtons Addon


As part of the release of the 1.4 version of WAR NerfedButtons will undergo significant changes where so please read carefully information below so you can check its new features just right below, have fun:

  • many of its checks will be removed
  • the user interface simplified
  • removal of the command line interface

These changes are to bring NerfedButtons in line with official feedback on the addon and are in preperation for likely API changes in future.

Beta version of the updated NerfedButtons will be available closer to the release date of 1.4.

Have fun!


NerfedButtons lets you define prioritised and conditional ability/item/macro lists for your hotbar slots. NerfedButtons will automatically ensure that the highest priority ability/item/macro that passes its conditions is bound to the hotbar slot at any time.

  • Too many hotbuttons aggravating your RSI?
  • Want to stimulate your brain as well as your reflexes?
  • Are you a casual player who wants a chance against those 12 fingered mutants who play whack-a-mole with 4 full actionbars 24 hours a day?