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Warhammer Online Tome Titan Addon


This add-on is designed to display data ingame in an easily readable format. It includes sections for Bestiary, Lore/History, Noteworthy Persons, Cultivation information, Lair Locations and Exploration/Pursuits information --with more categories planned on the way!

In short: Tome Titan is to help keep you from having to alt tab.

Most of the information listed has been taken from threads/posts on the WHA forums and various other sources. Please see the in game FAQ/Credits page for detailed information. This add-on wouldn't exist without YOU all out there posting the unlocks you find!


  • List all known Bestiary, History/Lore, and Noteworthy Persons unlocks.
  • You can toggle hiding completed entries!
  • Easily can be expanded to include any information you want!
  • Native support for popular Bar/Board add-ons!
  • Adds a button to your minimap for easy access -- the button can be hidden via slash commands or moved via layout editor.
  • Constantly updating the Data files for known unlocks, check back often to stay current!
  • In game Change Log section accessed via the Tome Titan FAQ and Credits page will keep you up to date on all changes we make in each release.