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World of Warcraft Bagnon Addon


Bagnon is an addon that merges all of your bags into three frames: One for your inventory, one for your bank, and one for your keyring. Beyond the basic all-in-one inventory functionality, Bagnon also provides the following features:

  • Items can be colored based on quality
  • Quest items can be highlighted
  • Text searching (see syntax below)
  • Offline viewing of inventory information from your other characters (via Bagnon_Forever)
  • Databroker plugin support. Both the inventory and bank frames allow you to display a databroker plugin in the bottom left corner. I find this works well with things like Currency Tracker
Included Addons
  • Bagnon – Provides single window displays for your inventory, bank, and keyring
  • Bagnon_Config – Provides a means of configuring said frames :P
  • Bagnon_Forever – Enables the ability to view your character’s bank, or items from any other character on the same server, from anywhere. (You need to log onto each character at least once for this to work).
  • Bagnon_Tooltips – When hovering over an item, this tells you who has an item, and where.
Slash Commands
  • All commands can start with either /bagnon or /bgn
  • /bagnon keys – Toggles the keyring frame
  • /bagnon bags – Toggles the inventory frame
  • /bagnon bank – Toggles the bank frame
  • /bagnon config – Displays the main options menu